Ways to Help Ukraine from the United States

As always, please take the time to examine any websites, charities, organizations, etc before giving out any personal or financial information, listed here or otherwise.

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Donations 🌻

Note: All donations are tax-deductible in the United States

Check global donation options here:


US-tailored Ukrainian donations

National Bank of Ukraine Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces

Local initiatives & trusted NGOs

Charities verified by Better Business Bureau

Additionally, given the large number of fundraisers held in the United States, here is a list of NGOs that have specifically been vetted by the Better Business Bureau (this means that they have met the BBB Standards for Charity Accountability).

Note: Organizations marked with * are religiously affiliated.

  • The Alight response team of humanitarian and emergency response workers has been deployed to Poland to help refugees from Ukraine, according to its website.
  • American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is * providing Ukrainian’s essentials, coordinating displaced evacuees and helping with the emergency response, according to its website.
  • Americares Foundation says they’re delivering aid to families in the form of medical teams, medicine and relief supplies, according to their website.
  • Catholic Relief Services is * in bordering countries providing shelter, meals, hygiene supplies, transport to safe areas, among other responses.
  • Direct Relief is sending medical support, from oxygen concentrators to critical care medicine. It is also working to offer longer-term aid to people displaced by the war, according to its website.
  • Episcopal Relief & Developmentis * providing cash, blankets and hygiene supplies to people fleeing Ukraine.
  • Heart to Heart International is working to deliver hygiene kits and medical supplies along with sending its response team to support refugees.
  • GlobalGiving is focused on helping the most vulnerable, including children, according to its website.
  • International Rescue Committee is providing aid to displaced families.
  • MAP International is * sending emergency health kits with essential medicine and supplies, along with disaster kits, to Ukraine.
  • Matthew 25: Ministries * is shipping humanitarian aid and conflict relief to Ukraine, according to its website. You can also donate through the mail.
  • Medical Teams International * is shipping medical supplies and field crews to the area.
  • Mennonite Central Committee * is assisting people who are displaced.
  • Mercy Corps is on the ground in Romania and Poland, according to its website. They are still working to figure out what people need most but say it will likely be emergency cash, food and water.
  • Operation USA is also working to figure out how they can best serve Ukrainians, according to its website. They say they will target priority supplies on the ground.
  • Salvation Army * is working to help with food, shelter and spiritual care, according to its website.
  • United Methodist Committee on Relief * says it’s in coordination with humanitarian groups in the area and working to determine how to best respond.

Other charities:

Creative approaches to give aid to Ukrainians directly:

How to check if a charity is credible?

📦 Send humanitarian aid from US

Collect and send yourself:

Order and send via specialized charities: (contains an amazon list with prioritized items and address in US where to direct the delivery)

Volunteer Opportunities 🌻

Embassy of Ukraine in the United States of America 🌻

Address: 3350 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Phone: +1 (202) 349-2963

Open: Monday - Friday, 9am - 6 pm

Consulates of Ukraine in the US

San Francisco

Address: 530 Bush Street, Suite 402, San Francisco, California, USA, 94108. Phone: +1 (415) 398-0240, Emergency Phone: +1(415) 690-0460


Address: 10 East Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611, Phone: +1 (312) 642-4388, Emergency phone: +1 (312) 536-9418

New York

Address: 240 East, 49th Street New York, NY 10017,

Phone: +1 (212) 371-6965

Housing & Accommodation 🌻

(As of March 7, note that it is currently unclear whether the US administration will take in Ukrainian refugees for resettlement.) If US visa requirements do allow for facilitating the immigration process for Ukrainian refugees, here are sites where host families would be able to share about available accommodations:

Ukrainians currently studying or temporarily living in the US (prior to March 1, 2022) have been granted temporary protected status for 18 months:

Note from American Immigration Council: “Nationals of a designated country do not automatically receive TPS, but instead must register during a defined registration period and pay significant fees. In addition, an individual’s immigration status at the time of application for TPS has no effect on their eligibility, nor does the previous issuance of an order of removal. An individual who is eligible for TPS must submit an application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an agency of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). If a person demonstrates eligibility and USCIS grants TPS, that person receives a temporary stay of deportation and temporary authorization to work in the United States. TPS beneficiaries are also eligible for advance parole, which provides permission to travel abroad and return to the United States, but they must apply for it separately. Beneficiaries are not eligible for any public assistance by virtue of their TPS status.”

Details about process for new refugees entering US

Find a Job 🌻

These organizations are helping refugees find work and providing workforce training for refugees. Ask if your employer is able to partner with these organizations to hire refugees:

Scientists that lead research labs from all over the world including the US have committed to hire Ukrainian scientists fleeing Ukraine. There is a continuously updated list, to participate as a research groups leader (PI) please follow this link: Global Research Groups Supporting Ukrainian Scientists. Here are the labs that have signed up so far - please share this link with Ukrainian scientists seeking a job: Labs supporting Ukrainian Scientists - please edit via

Upcoming Events & Demonstrations 🌻

Upcoming planned demonstrations:

Events to support Ukraine:

Ways to Influence Authorities 🌻

You have to tell your representatives to help us! NOW! Midterms are close, therefore ensure that Ukraine will be one of their TOP priorities!

All you need to do (5 - 10 min):

  1. Find your Senators/Representatives:

2. You have to pass them a message that Ukraine will never surrender, but we need more of your support. See examples here:

Influence Authorities Directly

Or use this template from

Show Mail template

Your name

Your Address

Your phone and/or email

The date

The Honorable [NAME of US Senator/Congressperson]

[TITLE, e.g. “US Senator” or “US Congressman/woman”]

[ADDRESS of representative]

Dear [Senator/Congressman/woman] [LAST NAME]:

I am a voter in the state of [STATE]. I am reaching out to you today because of a deep concern for the security situation in Eastern Europe. As you are well aware Russia has been militarily threatening Ukrainian sovereignty since 2014. These Russian actions also militarily threaten Poland, the Baltic states, and nations in the Black Sea region; all of which are members of NATO. This would bring about a new war in Europe and our American soldiers would be involved.

We are asking you to stand firm against Russian expansionism.

To help secure peace, freedom and democracy in Europe, we ask you to take the following steps:

[add your requests here – ideas below:]

  1. Support the aid package of $10 billion for defense and humanitarian aid to Ukraine
  2. Resist any attempts to diplomatically coerce Ukraine into capitulating their sovereignty or territorial integrity, including Crimea and the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
  3. Release additional ammunition support or implement a lend-lease program to transfer much-needed lethal aid and equipment to Ukrainian defenders, such as unmanned combat aerial vehicles with air-to-surface and air-to-air capabilities, as well as fighter jets.
  4. Refuse Russian oil and gas exports to the U.S.

The above actions would act as a deterrent to Russian aggression and expansionism, preserve peace, and save countless human lives.


[Sign your name]

3. Finally, after you are done with messaging, you can share your experience using hashtag #WeStandWithUkraine or #WeStandWithUkraine_Bot

Invite your friends, tag them, spread the word.

Write letters to your Senators/Representatives. Find them here:

More info here:

Influence Authorities Directly