Humanitarian help

Where to donate best? At the moment, the most effective organizations to deliver humanitarian aid are non-governmental Ukrainian organizations. Large international organizations are well-known, but spend significant portion of money on salaries and offices, and take a lot of time to coordinate and form their response. Whereas Ukrainian volunteers have no offices, self-organise, and spend their last money to save people in most affected areas of Ukraine.


🇺🇦 Ukrainian


  • VOSTOK SOS SWIFT, PayPal, Credit Card, Crypto Volunteer initiative whose activists provide assistance to victims of the military aggression in the east of the country and in Crimea. They helped to find shelter for internally displaced persons (IDPs), assisted in the evacuation of people from the conflict zone, collected and distributed humanitarian aid to IDPs in Kyiv as well as delivered humanitarian aid to front-line settlements, and provided psychological first aid. East of Ukraine is one of the most damaged regions in Ukraine. https://vostok-sos.org/en/make-a-donation/

  • Kyiv School of Economics humanitarian aid campaign Credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, SWIFT, Crypto The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), together with Ukrainian businesses and state-owned companies, have launched a humanitarian aid campaign for Ukraine. The aim is to provide food supplies, transportation, refugees help for Ukrainian citizens affected by the war and purchase necessary medicines, first aid and protective kits for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian Paramedic Association, and the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces to shield them against Russian aggression. https://kse.ua/support/donation
  • Razom for Ukraine Credit Card, SWIFT, check, Crypto, PayPal, Bank Transfer Razom is responding to this by providing critical humanitarian war relief and recovery depending on the most urgent needs as they evolve. https://razomforukraine.org/donate/ https://www.facebook.com/RazomForUkraine *for US citizens, the following organizations fall under 501c (you’ll get a tax refund)
  • Foundation "CALL OF HEART” Credit Card, SWIFT, Crypto, GooglePay, ApplePay The foundation has already donated medicines, food and hygiene products to hundreds of families. https://callofheart.org/
  • United Help Ukraine Credit card, PayPal, Facebook donation option A charitable organization receiving and sending humanitarian aid, medical supplies, helping wounded warriors. https://unitedhelpukraine.org/
  • Insight NGO - Psychological help for LGBTQ+ Credit card, Google pay Insight is a local LGBTQ+ organization that provides legal, psychological, and medical support to queer and trans-Ukrainians, among other forms of advocacy. In addition to connecting LGBTQ+ Ukrainians with crisis therapists, the organization is currently collecting funds to cover needs in a shelter, relocation to safer places, food, basic needs. https://linktr.ee/Insight.ngo

  • Corporation of Monsters PayPal, Swift, Direct Transfer Founded in 2014, the organization has been providing hemostatic drugs and dressings, body armor and helmets for Ukrainian defenders, and humanitarian assistance to civilians, particularly those who are on the verge of survival today: single mothers, elderly lonely people, bedridden and disabled children. http://monstrov.org/stop-war-in-ukraine/

  • Caritas Ukraine Bank Transfer, SWIFT Caritas Ukraine provides humanitarian assistance in the form of clothing, footwear, and other necessary items to hundreds of people a week in Ukraine. They help the refugee crisis to welcome people abroad who are fleeing the war. Caritas Ukraine wants to protect and support the lives of conflict-affected people. https://www.caritas.org/ukraine-appeal-22-2/ https://www.caritas.org/ukraine-appeal-22/

  • Stay Safe UA Credit Card, Google Pay, mono Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Bank Transfer, Direct Debit Stay Safe UA is providing emergency support to citizens living near the front line, helping evacuate local Ukrainians living on the front lines and driving donated ambulances and SUVs to the hospitals. https://staysafeua.org/


🌍 International

  • MI & Malteser Ukraine Credit Card, PayPal, Direct Transfer MI & Malteser Ukraine are in Ivano-Frankivsk with medicine and psychosocial support for those displaced, as well as food, water, and medical supplies, and the Order of Malta network in surrounding countries (Romania, Poland, and Hungary) are on the border providing support as well. For donations from Europe: https://www.malteser-international.org/en/donation.html?amount=100&interval=0&fb_item_id=24633 For donations from the US: https://orderofmaltarelief.org/donate-now/
  • Additional info

    We’re now also in Lviv, Yavoriv, and are supporting at border areas in Krakovets & Mostysk. One of our projects in the Donbas region is still providing mental health support virtually (can follow up with more precise details on that). Our network is now also actively working on support measures in border countries • Germany – delivering medical relief good and scale food donations, specialized support for children. • Poland – reception/registration centers, finding accommodations for refugees, medical support. • Hungary – receiving refugees at the border • Slovakia – distribution of food & water, as well as medical assistance and provisions of basic medicines in border town of Vysne Nemecke. Registration and transport to accommodation within the country. • Lithuania – two registration centers. • Romania – relief points are active, psychosocial (mental health) and medical support, first-aid, specialized support for children. • Czech Republic – on-going coordination.

  • Nova Ukraine Check, Credit Card, PayPal, Crypto, mail, DAF Direct, Corporate Matching, Stock/Bonds A Bay Area-based nonprofit working to help Ukraine. Has been providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine since 2014. Currently partnered with Airbnb to provide short-term hosing for refugees and continues to supply humanitarian help (food medical supplies essential hygiene items baby care items clothing). https://novaukraine.org/donate/ *for US citizens, the following organizations fall under 501c (you’ll get a tax refund)

  • Ukrainian National Women's League of America, Inc Facebook payment option, PayPal, check Funding is being directed at four military hospitals, serving wounded warriors. The second focus is displaced and wounded civilians, mostly women and children. https://unwla.org/about-us/#donate

  • Polish Humanitarian Action PayPal, stripe, PAyU They are providing humanitarian aid including food and other forms of support to people who had to leave their homes. https://www.pah.org.pl/en/

  • Ukraine Aid Berlin PayPal, Debit/Credit Card Ukraine Aid Berlin is an organization that has been established by the Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine from Berlin and all over the world. They have been supporting the people of Ukraine with humanitarian and medical aid since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression in 2014. https://ukraine-hilfe-berlin.de/

🏠 Food and Shelter

🇺🇦 Ukrainian

  • Palianytsia Credit card, SWIFT, Google pay, crypto Provides shelter for all refugees + food + psychological help https://palianytsia.com.ua/

  • LEO STATES SWIFT, PayPal, Crypto, Credit card Its mission is to create a hub for people in Ukraine who have lost their homes and provide them with free temporary housing and opportunities to gain strength. https://www.leostates.com/

🌍 International

⛑ Medicine

🇺🇦 Ukrainian

  • Dobrobut Foundation SWIFT, Crypto, PayPal Fundraising campaign for medicines and emergency medical operations for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Starting from February 24th 2022, to ensure safety, they’ve concentrated on providing medical care 24/7 to children and adults in our largest inpatient hospital in Kyiv. The hospital is functioning to provide multidisciplinary medical care to the civilian population, and also to provide critical care to all injured civilians, territorial defense members, Ukrainian military servants, and anyone who defends Ukraine. As for now, all the urgent medical care and all the necessary medical care for Ukraine’s defenders are provided free of charge. https://dobrobut.foundation/en
  • Blood donation organization donor.ua Credit card, Patreon, SWIFT, Google Pay Country-wide donation of blood for all needs https://donor.ua/support
  • International Charitable Foundation “Health of the Ukrainian people” SWIFT, Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal Money raise to supply medicines and consumables to Ukrainian Health care facilities and medical professionals that are saving lives daily in Ukraine. https://houp.org/en/

  • Razom Emergency response Credit Card, PayPal Razom is providing urgent help and support to extreme and catastrophic situation in Ukraine. Razom initiative delivers tactical medicine items, hospital supplies, tech-enabled emergency, and humanitarian aid. https://www.razomforukraine.org/razom-emergency-response/

  • Just Giving Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit/ Debit Card, PayPal The Center of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery at Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital is fundraising funds to provide immediate and direct support such as immediate emergency, medical supplies, first aid kits, transportation & critical services. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/cardiac-surgery-lviv
  • Pulse Patreon, Crypto, Credit Card, Bank Transfer We conduct high-quality tactical medicine training for military personnel and first aid training for rescuers, police officers, and volunteers. https://www.pulse.charity/en

🌍 International

  • World Health Organization Foundation Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay The Emergency Appeal – powered by WHO Foundation – raises funds for WHO’s frontline response to deliver life-saving medicines and supplies. Your contribution will go directly to deliver urgent healthcare to people across Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries affected by this crisis. Visit WHO webpage for more information on the activities led by WHO’s frontline response. https://www.ukraine.who.foundation/
  • SMART Medical Aid Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, Bank transfer, Electronic Banking, LiqPay SMART Medical Aid is non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) of experienced health care professionals. We provide medical aid, training and support to help victims of injury and trauma. We currently work in Ukraine to help war victims. https://smartmedicalaid.org/donations/
  • Direct Relief Credit Card, PayPal Direct Relief is working directly with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other partners in the region to provide requested medical aid, from oxygen concentrators to critical care medicines – while preparing to offer longer-term medical aid to people displaced or affected by the conflict. https://www.directrelief.org/emergency/ukraine-crisis/
  • Doctors Without Borders — Ukraine Crisis Credit Card, Bank Transfer Organization working with local volunteers, organizations, health care professionals, and authorities to help people travel to health care facilities, access prescribed medications, and to raise awareness about common health challenges. https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/what-we-do/countries/ukraine
  • International Medical Corps Credit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal International Medical Corps' teams inside Ukraine and in the surrounding region are responding to the conflict by expanding access to medical and mental health services for those living in affected communities, and working to help refugees. https://give.internationalmedicalcorps.org/page/99837/donate/

👶 Children

🇺🇦 Ukrainian

🌍 International

  • Save the Children PayPal, Credit Card Save the Children has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, delivering essential humanitarian aid to children and their families. They are providing essential medical supplies and supporting the hospitals, with a focus on maternal and newborn health, as well as supplying Trauma Kits to treat injuries. https://www.savethechildren.org/us/where-we-work/ukraine

🛄 Refugees

🌍 International

  • People in Need Credit card, Bank transfer We provide immediate humanitarian aid and help people get back on their feet https://www.peopleinneed.net/donate/once
  • Caritas Credit Card Caritas staff and volunteers throughout eastern Europe are working tirelessly to go out and meet thousands of refugees fleeing Ukraine, providing them with food, medicine and temporary accommodation in spite of a highly volatile and dangerous situation. https://www.caritas.org/ukraine-appeal-22-2/
  • International Rescue Committee Credit Card, PayPal, check Our team quickly deployed to neighboring Poland, where we are working with partners to assist arriving refugees. We are also working with partners inside Ukraine, supporting the evacuation of women and children and providing emergency aid to people who had to flee their homes. https://help.rescue.org/donate/ukraine-web
  • CARE International Credit card, PayPal Give now to rush urgently needed water, food, hygiene kits, and ongoing support for Ukrainian families. https://my.care.org/site/Donation2?df_id=31628&mfc_pref=T&31628.donation=form1
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Credit Card, PayPal UNHCR has stepped up our operations and capacity in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. We have been on the ground in Ukraine since 2014 and we remain firmly committed to support all affected populations in Ukraine and countries in the region. Your support can help ensure that Ukrainians forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe. https://giving.unhcr.org/en/ukraine/
  • OutRight International - SUPPORT LGBTIQ UKRAINIANS Credit Card, PayPal, Google pay OutRight International is a global LGBTQ+ human rights organization. 100% of donations to OutRight’s Ukraine Fund go directly to local LGBTIQ partners in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Contributions help provide emergency assistance to LGBTIQ people who need safe shelter, food, competent medical care, transportation for those who are fleeing, and other types of humanitarian support. https://outrightinternational.org/ukraine?form=Ukraine
  • Black Women 4 Black Lives - Support Black people fleeing Ukraine Credit card, PayPal The organization was formed specifically to help black people escape wartorn Ukraine. BW4BL was part of a collective that ensured the evacuation of 500 Black students from Sumy, Ukraine, by the Red Cross. They’ve also partnered with Airbnb to help Black students find safe, free accommodation after leaving Ukraine. https://blackwomenforblacklives.org/#

  • The Salvation Army PayPal, Venmo, Credit card, Bank Transfer The Salvation Army, an international movement, has a long-standing presence in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Local Salvation Army centers are helping families prepare for the bitterly cold weather by providing basic hygiene, warm meals, Christmas toys, bedding, blankets, cozy clothing, assistance with heating, and emotional and spiritual care. https://sawso.org/sawso/ukraine-disaster-and-refugee-relief

  • EU Solidarity with Ukraine IBAN, PayPal, HELLOASSO, MB Way, Credit Card We are working on all fronts to support Ukraine with assistance, humanitarian aid and civil protection. We have activated the temporary protection mechanism to provide people fleeing Ukraine with a secure status and access to schools, medical care and work in the EU. And we stand ready to channel more assistance and support both to people who left Ukraine to seek protection in the EU and those who stayed in Ukraine. https://eu-solidarity-ukraine.ec.europa.eu/helping-ukrainians-how-you-can-donate-and-engage_en

  • CORE PayPal, Venmo, Credit Card, Bank Transfer CORE provides flexible cash assistance, supports community-based shelters, distributes hygiene kits, provides mental wellness services, sends essential resources such as food, hygiene products, and baby supplies. https://donate.coreresponse.org/give/393950/#!/donation/checkout

🪖 Humanitarian help for the defenders of Ukraine

Medical help

  • Hospitallers SWIFT, Direct Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Crypto, Credit Card Frontline military paramedics helping wounded on the battlefield, evacuating wounded to the hospitals, supplying with medication. https://www.hospitallers.life/

  • Dobrobut Foundation SWIFT, Crypto, Ipay, VISA/Master Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal Urgent operations for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine https://dobrobut.foundation/en

  • Lifeline Ukraine Credit card, PayPal Ukraine too often loses veterans to suicide, and this problem needed to be addressed, Lifeline Ukraine was established to provide help for veterans and their family members first and foremost. https://lifelineukraine.com/en/donation

  • Leleka Foundation PayPal, Bank Transfer, Venmo, Zelle, Crypto, Patreon, Stocks & ETFs, checks, Donor- Advised Funds, Instagram, Facebook Leleka is focused on the urgent delivery of critical medical supplies to Ukraine’s defenders and civilians. The foundation has established the most efficient supply and logistics chains to deliver medical supplies to Ukraine and distribute them as humanitarian aid to end users on the front lines. https://leleka.care/donate/

Regional help

  • TEPLE MISTO Credit Card Platform fundraisers for the Territorial Defense Forces in Ivano-Frankivsk city with warm clothes, food, technical gear, and means of defense. https://cutt.ly/IP51W3y

  • Democratic Axe Credit Card, Crypto Public Organization "Democratic Axe". The Right-Liberal Movement of Ukrainians Around the World. Donate to support specific region Territorial Defense Forces and to help the victims. https://sokyra.space/uk