Support Ukraine Now (SUN) provides the most effective help to Ukraine, in immediate response and rebuilding, by enabling foreigners (individuals and organizations) to help. We started as an information platform, and turned into an ecosystem of diverse projects in the economic, diplomacy, and welfare spheres.
  • Economy: to support Ukrainian businesses;
  • Diplomacy: to promote the image of Ukraine;
  • Welfare: to assist displaced Ukrainians by localizing information for different countries.

Initiated by Global Shapers Hubs in Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv) and supported by the Global Shapers Community


Supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

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Success Stories

187 Bulletproof Vests From the early days of the war, SUN started a crowdfunding campaign to purchase 100 bulletproof vests to supply the Ukrainian Armed forces. A few months later, with your incredible support, we managed to collect €54,858, which is enough to buy 187 bulletproof vests! Read more…
Medical Aid from Munich The Global Shapers Munich have raised €102,900 from the public and the Munich City Council. With a partner pharmacy, the Ukrainian Doctor’s Association of Germany has delivered much-needed medicines to warehouses in Lviv, and then to hospitals in Central Ukraine. Read more…

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ViBURNUM - Sounds from Ukraine

A curated collection of songs old and new representing the sheer culture, talent and sonic landscape of Ukraine. Curated by Questions4Later, a Ukrainian artist residing in London, and designed by Lisanov, a 3D designer and director based in Kyiv / UPDATED MONTHLY

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If you know more ways or resources to help Ukraine, reach out to us through our support chat (bottom right blue button) and we’ll get back to you. Also, open to any questions =)