🐕 Shelters and zoos

  • Sirius Shelter Credit card, GooglePay, Apple Pay, portmone, Liqpay Has more than 3000 animals, helps with the evacuation. Money is used for food and medication.

  • Zoo “12 Months” Credit card, GooglePay, SWIFT, PayPal Zoo in Kyiv region needs to feed it’s animals.

  • Shelter Ugolyok Credit card, PayPal, Patreon Shelter for all of the animals across Ukraine that need rescue and protection.

✊ Animal rights organizations

  • UAnimals SWIFT, PayPal, Portmone, Crypto, Credit Card Ukrainian animal rights organisation. Established in 2016. Since the start of the full-scale war, they’ve been helping shelters financially, providing them with food and trying to evacuate animals to other countries or to safe places in Ukraine.

  • Happy Paw GooglePay, Credit Card, Patreon, PayPal, SWIFT If you wish to make happy our tailed pets, the most effective way – donate money for their detention and treatment, and development projects of the Fund. Helping animal shelters with food.

  • ifaw Credit Card, Crypto, PayPal, American Express IFAW works with partners in Ukraine and neighboring areas to care for animals in shelters, zoos and sanctuaries. They help refugees in Poland who are coming across the border from Ukraine with their pets by delivering pet food and veterinary supplies.

  • Vet Crew Patreon, SWIFT, PayPal Leonid and Valentina Stoyanov are a family of exotic and wild animal veterinarians. They founded Vet Crew Foundation and the Vet Crew Veterinary Hospital with the primary goal of rescuing and preservation of exotic animal lives. Fund stays in Ukraine and helps all the animals affected by the war. More info at their instagram.