This is an English translation of the Danish version. The websites and articles linked are still in Danish.

💵 Donate locally

Most charities say that they primarily need monetary donations and not donations of objects, such as clothes: The Red Cross: Money is the best way to help right now  | TV2 Nord

⛑ Humanitarian Help

As written above, most charities are in need of monetary donations rather than donations of objects: The Red Cross: Money is the best way to help right now  | TV2 Nord

If you still want to donate some of your things (e.g. clothes), you can find more information in the following Facebook groups:

New fundraisers of items to be sent to Ukraine keep appearing/growing daily. This is of course an option, but please remember that money is the most important thing to donate in order to help Ukraine right now.

Participate in a local demonstration

You can also organise your own demonstration (write about it here if that’s the case):

🤝 Local Help

If you want to be a volunteer, please read more here:

🚝 Travel to and from Denmark

If you are an Ukrainian citizen and you want to come to Denmark (or you are already here), you can find more information about what to do here: Information til ukrainske statsborgere.

Ukrainian refugees can travel for free with most public transportation in Denmark. Read more about it: Ukrainske flygtninge kan rejse gratis ind i Danmark med DSB og Arriva.

If you arrive in Denmark, you can either enter Denmark if you are exempt from visa, if you apply for an emergency visa, or if you apply for asylum. See more information here: Information til ukrainske statsborgere and here: Ukrainere kan blive i Danmark i op til seks måneder - DI.

  • Visa-exempt travel (180 days stay): It requires a biometric passport (with chip) that can document that you have enough money to be in Denmark. You can later apply for residency or asylum.
  • Emergency visa (180 day stay): You can request for an emergency visa by talking to the police at the border.
  • Asylum: You can also ask for asylum in Denmark.

⚠ Unless you receive a residence permit in Denmark, it is not a possibility (at the moment) to have a job. However, currently there is a political debate on whether it should be possible for Ukrainian refugees to work in Denmark.

🏡 Housing

If you want to give shelter to Ukrainians refugees, you can find more information here:

The Ukrainian Embassy in Denmark

You can contact the Ukrainian Embassy in Denmark on +45 81 45 52 60 or at the following address: Toldbodgade 37A, 1253 København K.

The website of the Ukrainian embassy in Denmark is down because it was hacked on the 28th of February. However, the embassy can still help so reach out!

🎓Legal Counseling

The Danish Refugee Council (Dansk Flygtningehjælp) offers free counseling to asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in Denmark. In some cases, the Danish Refugee Council also offers assistance with legal cases and processing of cases. You can apply as an individual or a group, regardless of where you are in the asylum application process.

If you are a volunteer caseworker, who works with asylum or repatriation cases, you can also find free counseling:

Refugees Welcome offers personal counseling by email or phone:

If you search for general information about the Danish asylum system, you can have an overview by looking at the one-pager by Refugee Welcomes in Russian, English or Danish.

If there is a long waiting time for talking to the Danish Refugee Council and Refugees Welcome, you can also ask for help at “Retshjælpen” (translates as Judicial Help) - present in all big cities in Denmark. For example, here is the link to the “Retshjælpen” in Copenhagen: https://www.retshjaelpen.dk/.

📁Find a job

Several large Danish firms have said they would like to employ Ukrainian refugees:

💬 Share and spread the message

You can share all these links with your network! It is really important to share information in order to raise awareness about the situation in Ukraine and how we can help.

You can share and reshare on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #WeStandWithUkraine. Get inspired by “media kit” for ukraine!

🏛Contact Danish politicians

One of the best ways to make a difference is by writing to Danish politicians. Here a list of their contact details: Contact details of Danish politicians