💵 Donate

  • Caritas Luxembourg

  • Unicef Luxembourg

  • Médecins Sans Frontieres

  • Ukranian Community in Luxembourg (LUkraine)

  • Medecins Du Monde

  • SOS Village d’enfants

  • Care Luxembourg

CARE.LU - Agir au cœur de l’humanitaire. | CARE Luxemburg

  • Passerell Luxembourg


  • Volunteering as drivers to evacuate people from the Polish border

LUkraine (

  • To volunteer for the Luxembourg Red Cross at the Wanteraktion emergency center in Findel, please contact: [email protected]

❤️Send Humanitarian supplies

  • The Office is collecting items at 29 Boulevard Prince Henri, L-1724 Luxembourg. For more information on what needs to be collected and how to donate please check the following link:

🏠 Host Ukrainians and Help Locally

  • Form to host refugees arriving in Luxembourg (Ukrainians Community in Luxembourg):

LUkraine (

  • Facebook group, with the useful information to host refugees:

Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

  • For all useful information and contacts for Ukrainians people arriving in Luxembourg please check the following link:

Arrival of people fleeing the war in Ukraine - Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs // The Luxembourg Government (

💼 Hire refugees

  • Employers who wish to hire refugees from Ukraine please check the following link:

💬 Social Media

To keep on being updated on protests, humanitarian aids collecting points and needs, voluntary needs and latest news, please check:


  • Ukrainian Community in Luxembourg page:

  • Humanitarian aid Ukraine NOW group:

  • Host families for refugees of war in Ukraine/Luxembourg:


  • Ukrainian Community in Luxembourg

  • The office

  • Luxembourg Red Cross (Croix Rouge Luxembourg)

  • Caritas Luxembourg

  • Care Luxembourg

  • Médecins Sans Frontieres

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