Send Humanitarian Supplies

💶 Monetary donations

There are many organizations that have worked with humanitarian help and that know what is most needed. If you are not sure what to give - please consider donating money directly to your charity of choice.

You can find a variety of options here 💌Humanitarian help

🛍️ What is needed?

Please make sure to check the latest information about the aid supplies required from the official Ukrainian sources (see below).
Medicaments and first aid kits are the most needed humanitarian help at the moment. If you don’t know yet what to buy, please buy medicines. Food, hygienic supplies and especially clothes are more or less stocked.

⚕️ Medicine

  • List of medicines and essential goods and links to European e-commerce sites required for the army and hospitals, with instruction how to buy them https://medicineforukraine.org/
What if the medicine is sold only with a prescription?

Many medical supplies need a prescription. The official letter from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is explaining the situation and asking for help. The printed version of this letter on a number of occasions served as a prescription and helped volunteers to purchase restricted medicines in local pharmacies.

📦 How to pack?

Please make sure the aid is appropriately prepared for the shipment:

  • Pack all the goods in a way that allows them to reach Ukraine undamaged (e.g. boxes).
  • Detail the contents of the package (i.e. what, how much, etc.). The text should be in English and be easily noticeable. Use permanent markers, stickers, etc.

✈️ How to deliver?

Please also check Local Tips for specific countries, as these pages may have more information specific to your location.

🏬 Delivering to an Aid Centre (located outside of Ukraine):

Deliver the aid to one of the dedicated aid collection centers (choose from the following list based on your aid and location requirements). Your aid will be delivered from chosen aid center to the distribution center in Ukraine and then distributed according to the needs.

For any shipments

Nova Poshta Global - https://novaposhta.ua/humanitarian_post/en/

Razom - https://razom-ua.com/#адреси-складів

Help Ukraine Center in Poland - http://helpukraine.center

Germany - https://www.help-ukraine.today/en

FlexPort (US) - Shipments to Ukrainian refugee sites across Eastern Europe https://www.flexport.org/product-donations

Shipment of goods to Ukraine from the US - https://dniprollc.com/en/ukraine/parcel-shipping-to-ukraine/

For small shipments (under 50 kg)

Ukrainian Consulate / Embassy - Many are now accepting humanitarian goods and shipping them to Ukraine. Please reach out directly - https://www.embassy-worldwide.com/country/ukraine/. Example: Zhyloy St 12, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan

AEC Parcel Shipment (US & Canada) -https://aecparcel.com/humanitarian-aid-shipping-to-ukraine/

Zero App - https://zeropunkt.vercel.app

For large shipments (over 3.5 tons)

Official Ukrainian Aid coordination center - https://help.gov.ua/en

A dynamic map - where to donate humanitarian aid:

Please, report more locations here: https://forms.gle/gBKPN9n3WGhwu8Lx7

🎯 Delivering to a specific address in Ukraine:

  • I have logistics figured out:
    • Together with recipient prepare the necessary document under the link
    • Identify the route to the recipient within the Ukraine in line with the most up-to-date situation on the ground
  • I can deliver only to the border:
    • Choose a hub and a border to use
    • Together with recipient prepare the necessary document under the link
    • Together with recipient find the driver with a truck. Please note, that even conscripts men-drivers from official and licensed logistic companies can go through Ukrainian border, take the aid and come back. Follow the instruction under the link
    • As well you can use a third party to ship
  • I need help with delivery: