Shadi Paterson Al'lababidi

My main goal over the near future is to leverage my marketing capabilities for good.

At an overview:

  • 8+ years of marketing experience
  • Built and broken records for cross-country multilingual communities
  • Managed 8 figures in marketing spend a year
  • Raised over $240million for clients
  • Built marketing teams up to 36 from scratch, over an over, for multiple industries
  • A 'T-shaped' lead from-the-front CMO style where I can personally do whatever I ask of my team
  • Angel/Seed invested into 19 different firms, spanning deFi, B2C and B2B

I believe that the most good can come, in the next 10 years, from unlocking the potential of the industrial revolution 4.0.

My best contribution to this is through introducing and enabling the world of remote work, furthering decentralised finance, and solving issues of disinformation.

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