Bulletproof vests

Bulletproof vests

Problem Statement:

At the start of the war we purchased a couple of bulletproof vests for Ukrainian civil defenders and volunteers and in a few days we found out that one of the beneficiaries was saved by the vest that we have sourced. This inspired us to get even more bulletproof vests and launch this fundraising campaign.

War is life-threatening for everyone. Regardless of who you are - a soldier, a volunteer or a journalist, you run the risk of being shot at. This is especially true for people that end up at the frontline. Currently, the frontline in Ukraine passes through densely inhabited urban areas, which means a lot of people are at risk.

Unfortunately, there is currently a serious shortage of protective gear. Protection gear is the type of equipment that protects your vital organs, reducing your risk of dying from a bullet. The most common examples are bulletproof vests and helmets.

Good quality bulletproof vests are extremely hard to find, not only in Ukraine but also in many countries in Europe, where they are already sold out or not simply available for purchase. Volunteer groups are desperately looking for such equipment, but can often only find poor quality imitations, that do not offer proper protection against Russian ammunition.

Support Ukraine Now!

leveraged its network to find reliable suppliers of protection gear, that are willing to supply high-quality material at discounted prices. We have been purchasing bulletproof vests at our own cost for the last couple of weeks and sending them to people in need in Ukraine.

Every single bulletproof vest can save a life and make a difference. This means every single donation can make a meaningful impact. So far raised enough funds for 187 vests.



FAQ: Are the bulletproof vests certified?

Yes. Protection gear only works if it's of good quality. Unfortunately, there are loads of poor quality products on the market. In times of shortage, like now, it is particularly important to make sure we are getting genuine stuff. The vests we are sourcing at the moment are Level 4, VPAM 10 quality. They have been tested and are certified against the ammunition types and calibres that are used in this war.

Who are the beneficiaries? How do we select them?

We are sending the gear to concrete units of the Ukrainian Territorial Defence, as well as volunteer groups that are operating in the most dangerous areas. It is very important for us, that we know all the beneficiaries, either personally or through our friends and/or relatives. That way we are 100% certain that the gear will be used where it's needed, rather than being sold, exchanged or misused. Nowadays, pretty much everyone in Ukraine has friends and relatives that are on the frontline, which makes it relatively easy for us to assess, which region this equipment should be dispatched to.

How will you the gear into Ukraine?

Protection gear is not cheap, and it is very important for us that it reaches the people that need it, rather than getting stolen or misplaced on the way. This is why we control every step of the process - members of our team are personally going to buy the items and ship them to the Ukrainian border. Other team members then bring them into Ukraine and drive them up to the cities where they are needed the most.

Are those weapons?

No. Protection gear, as suggested by its name, is only aimed at protecting a person's vital organs. Bulletproof vests and helmets do not kill - they simply help keeping people that wear them alive.