Support Ukraine Now

Support Ukraine Now

At Support Ukraine Now (SUN), we are a community of Ukrainian and international activists. Our mission is to engage the network of leaders in supporting Ukraine.

Support Ukraine Now started on February 25, 2022, as a social initiative in response to Russian full-scale invasion to Ukraine. At first, we were working as an initiative. Now we are officially registered in Ukraine as a non-governmental non-profit organization “Support Ukraine Now”, or in Ukrainian “Громадська Організація «Підтримай Україну Зараз»”.

Initiated by Global Shapers Hubs in Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv), and supported by the Global Shapers Community and the World Economic Forum.


Supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of full-scale war, here’s how we were able to help:

  • 💻 Over 2M people visited, our online-guide on how foreigners can help Ukraine, and donated over €1M to projects supporting Ukraine.
  • 🦺 Fundraised for, purchased and sent to the frontlines 187 bulletproof vests. One of those vests saved a person’s life.
  • 🏥 €100K worth of medicine distributed to Ukrainian hospitals.
  • ❤️‍🩹 Mental health support for 400 people.
  • 🏢 Published a report on work and migration.
  • 🎤 Delegation to the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland in 2022 and 2023.

SUN Leaders Program

War in Ukraine has been going on for a year. Governments, international organisations, and volunteers are working to provide an immediate response. At the same time, long-term goals are still “on pause”, and small local initiatives are underfunded. We are bridging this gap.

SUN Leaders Program is a 6-months Fellowship Program for young leaders of social projects in Ukraine.

We support Ukrainians working on projects in the spheres of education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, equality, sustainable cities, and EU integration of Ukraine.

Concept validation: our partners Leaders Fund ran a similar program in 2019-2020. The previous three fellows supported were able to scale their project nationwide and impact 240,000 people, win grants, hire new team members, launch a social enterprise, and partner with the government and businesses. After the Program, one of the leaders started working for WHO in Ukraine, another got shortlisted in BBC book contest.


In the Program, we provide leaders with:

  • 💶 financial assistance — so leaders can focus on their project, and not have to work three jobs;
  • 🙌 mentorship and network — for leaders to grow their projects and help more people on the ground.

Support local leaders in Ukraine — donate to our Program

Overall budget is €100,000 to run SUN Leaders Program for 35 leaders and their projects.

We are raising funds for:

  • Organization stage of the project
  • Scholarships for 5 leaders
  • Mentoring of 5 leaders